Greatness Gone. Earrings

A somewhat symmetrical pair of earrings. There clearly was something more hanging down but what exactly? Fortunately, they are perfectly balanced even in their current shabby state.

We have some unusual stones for this design available occasionally, check the gemstones option to see what’s there at the moment, or see the last photo.

Materials and care

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Sterling silver, rhodium plating (optional)
Keep your jewelry in a closed box to help its perfect shine last longer.

Please do not use any aggressive liquids such as perfume or cleansers while having your jewelry on.

If your jewelry tarnishes, you can use the polishing cloth you recieved with your parcel to restore its shine. This will only work with silver jewelry with no plating.

Delivery and payment

Free delivery for orders from $ 150.

Jewelry piece will be made special for you in 10−14 days and shipped from Georgia.

Shipping to the US takes about 10 days. Shipping to Europe takes 7−20 days.

For Tbilisi residents we have a pick up option at our studio: 25 Mikheili Tsinamdzghvrishvili st, every day 13.00 — 20.00. Please still allow 10−14 days to create your jewelry piece.
I offer PayPal as a payment method. If it doesn’t work for you for some reason, please contact me via Instagram or email and we will try to work it out.
For more information, please see Delivery page.


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